Storage Outpost

A storage tower, used for storing excess supplies and shipping them to other players

The storage building (3 wood, 2 leather OR 2 wool) is a very important addition to a kobold tribe village, and provides a number of useful abilities for skilled players.

The building's primary function is storage - the tower is capable of storing up to 36 items in its holds. This is extremely useful, as a player's inventory can often become cluttered when attempting to manage different tasks. The tower also offers a number of secondary services, including buying/trading of resources, taming bird scouts, and shipping of resources from one tower to another.

A storage tower is accessible by both teams at any time. This means that your tribe needs to guard its towers, as items can be stolen from the holds at any time by sneaky opposing players.


The storage building has four abilities. Listed underneath the trading abilities are the current prices for the respective transaction.

Info tradecommonresources
Icon tradecommonresources

Info traderareresources
Icon traderareresources

Info sendpackhorse
Icon sendpackhorse

Icon tamebird
Info tamebird


Menu traderareresources

Trading is a great way to manage resources, as often a player will have a surplus of one good late in the game, and a distinct shortage of another desired good. Having a flexible economy and the ability to buy and sell goods is essential for crafting goods (and building structures) quickly and efficiently.

Transactions in the storage tower are affected by a simplistic supply and demand model. This has two implications:

  • Repeated purchasing of the same good within a short time period will cause the price to increase
  • Selling the same good repeatedly within a short time period will cause the sell price to decrease.

For example, the original price of selling 1 piece of wool is 10 gold. Each transaction following the first will result in a decrease of 1 in the sell price:

  • 1st transaction: 10 gold
  • 2nd transaction: 9 gold
  • 3rd transaction: 8 gold
  • ....etc

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Tamed birds can be sent regardless of whether the player's proximity to the storage tower. Hotkey your storage tower and periodically check for birds - the benefits of scouting should never be underestimated, and there is no reason to miss out on the opportunity to send a bird into enemy territory.
  • Establish a forward storage tower when attacking, so that when an enemy player is killed, you can store their dropped items in the tower as opposed to leaving them on the ground. This allows you to ship things back to teammates, or keep them safe until you can distribute them appropriately.