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The smithy (1 wood, 1 stone, 1 leather) is an important crafting structure in a kobold tribal village. Like the workbench, it is solely used for crafting weapons, armor, and items for the kobolds to equip.

The weapons and armor offered by the smithy are generally used for warrior builds that focus on high physical damage and physical defense. Items crafted at the smithy demand large amounts of iron and shadowstone. 

The smithy can only be used by its builder.

List of Forged EquipmentEdit

Sharp Iron PickaxeEdit

Info forgesharpironpickaxe
Icon sharpironpickaxe

Iron Banded BucklerEdit

Info craftironbandedbuckler
Icon ironbandedbuckler

Heavy Tower ShieldEdit

Info craftheavytowershield

Gleaming SpearEdit

Info forgegleamingspear
Icon gleamingspear

Berserker's Battle AxeEdit

Info forgeberserkersbattleaxe

Heavy Iron BreasplateEdit

Info forgeheavyironbreastplate

Tips and TricksEdit