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Perks are managed at the end of each match

Perks are persistent bonuses to your character that are retained game-to-game. Perks are acquired by completing games, gaining account experience, and leveling up your account.  Perks are divided into four tiers; each tier requires 0, 5, 10, and 15 points to access, for a maximum of 20 perks (the current max account level).

At each level, the player is awarded 1 point to spend on a new perk. It is only possible to reconfigure your perks directly following a match, but perks can be reconfigured at this time with no penalty.

Account experience can be gained through matches with AI players.

As of the current patch some disconnections can wipe your XP and perks, in order to prevent this make a back-up as shown in this handy YouTube video here.

Tier 1Edit

Icon perk scholar

Increaes the number of skill points you start with by +2.

Icon perk goldenhands

Golden Hands

Increases your gold mining speed by +5%.

Icon perk excavator


Increases your stone mining speed by +5%.

Icon perk naturalforager
Natural Forager

Increases your berry picking speed by +5%.

Icon perk herbalist


Increases your herb picking speed by +5%.

Icon perk secondwind

Second Wind

Recover more quickly after falling unconscious from lack of stamina.

Icon perk brawler

Increases your attack damage by +1.

Icon perk thickskin

Thick Skin

Increases your armor by +1.

Icon perk koboldagility
Kobold Agility

Increases your attack speed by +3%.

Icon perk survivalist


Increases your maximum life by +3%.

Tier 2Edit

Icon perk myfriendtheforestor

My Friend the Forester

Start the game with +1 lumber.

Icon perk negotiator


Murloc Slaves cost 5 less gold.

Icon perk adeptconjurer

Adept Conjurer

Start the game with a free spellbook (you still need to learn spells to use it).

Icon perk charismaticbarkeeping

Charismatic Barkeeping

Wizards always stay at your taverns at night as long as you have over 30 gold.

Icon perk combattraining

Combat Training

Increases your strength and dexterity by +1.

Icon perk mysticism


Increases your willpower by +2.

Icon perk lightbringer


Increases the strength and willpower you gain from torches by +1 and increases their duration by +30 seconds.

Icon perk fastlearner

Fast Learner

Increases your kobold's experience gain by +5%.

Icon perk budgetmage

Budget Mage

Reduces the energy cost of your spells by 5%.

Tier 3Edit

Icon perk myfriendtheblacksmith
My Friend the Blacksmith

Start the game with a dull pickaxe that gives +2 strength, +2 endurance, and +5% mining speed.

Icon perk aspiringcraftsman
Aspiring Craftsman

Start the game with +1 iron ore.

Icon perk huntsman

Start the game with +1 iron ore.

Icon perk prospector


Guarantee a radiant gem when depleting a gold deposit.

Icon perk campfireapprentice

Campfire Apprentice

Lit campfires near you burn down 20% slower (stacks with allied kobolds).

Icon perk martialartist

Martial Artist

Increases your attack damage by +0.3 per level (+2 at max level).

Icon perk goodhost

Good Host

Kobolds resting near your tents gain +1 life regeneration.

Icon perk superstition

Reduces magic damage taken by 5%.

Icon perk beastmaster


Your pets gain an additional +4% of your attack damage.

Icon perk endurance


Reduces stamina loss from running by 5%.

Tier 4Edit

Icon myfriendtheherbalist

My Friend the Herbalist

Start the game with +2 handful of berries and +1 spicy herb.

Icon naturalist


Start the game with the Nature's Grace spell (requires a spellbook to cast).

Icon stonecaster


Start the game with the Mineral Tap spell (requires a spellbook to cast).

Icon mastercraftsman
Master Craftsman

Increases your buildings' max life by +10% and armor by +1.

Icon illumination

Gain +1 additional skill point at levels 5 and 10.

Icon energyreserves

Energy Reserves

Increases your movement speed by 3% while above 50 stamina.

Icon tirelesshorses
Tireless Horses

Your pack horses gallop by default and don't get tired.

Icon marksman

Increases your attack range with guns and crossbows by 0.5.

Icon sharpenedspikes
Sharpened Spikes

Increases the damage dealt by your spike traps by +10%

Icon campfireexpert
Campfire Expert

Increases the radius at which your campfires provide warmth and scare off animals by +1.