Hunter's Lodge

A hunter's lodge is required to tame animals

The Hunter's Lodge is the primary structure for any beastmaster/hunter class kobold. Almost everything used for pets and pet upgrades are right here in this building. It takes 2 lumber and 3 leather, and everything inside is extremley over-priced, making it an obsolete strategy outside the late game where gold is abundant.


  • The Taming stick costs one lumber and is crafted here. The Taming stick cuts your dammage in half, but allows you to take any wild animal. The higher your foraging stat, the higher chances you will tame a creature.

(link to animals)

(link to hunter build)

Tips and TricksEdit

  • If you actually want to use this as a main strategy, it is essential to get the predatory knowlege upgrade as soon as possible. This is because since it give you bonuses depending on how long you and your pets stay in game, you get more benifit from getting it earlier.