Game IssuesEdit

XP/Account WipeEdit

Currently a lot of accounts are being wiped and set to default (From level 20 to 1 for example) when some games disconnect.

Watch the following YouTube videoto prevent this from happening to you. There is currently no known way to get your level back. [Unresolved]


  • Most of the perks are currently either very advantagous or under whelming.
  • Hunter style gameplay using pet wolves is underpowered and heavily overpriced.
  • Heavy Warrior architype is very common and over-powered.
  • Magic is very weak.

Interface IssuesEdit

  • It's very easy to starve to death especially at lower levels. The warning is not obvious enough.
  • The inventory system is very bare-bone and counter-intuitive.
  • Tooltips get in the way of Inventory.


  • No high tier ranged magic items.
  • No high tier Mage/Hunter armour.
  • Quest items are considerably more powerful than craftable items.