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Pic koboldcooking

A kobold cooking some delicious food

Food is essential to surviving in the forest - without it, kobolds will become hungry, lose life, and eventually perish.

Luckily, food comes in a variety of forms. Kobolds can forage or hunt for food, or alternatively purchase it from a tavern once it has been constructed.

Once acquired, food will stay in your backpack unti you are ready to eat it. Left-clicking food in your backpack will consume the food, or you can press "F", and your kobold will automatically choose the item which restores the most health and consume it.

Food in CombatEdit

While food is necessary for survival, many types of food are extremely useful in combat. Since most food types restore health, it is recommended that players enter combat with a backpack full of food which they can use to restore their health during their attack. 

Some food types offer other useful effects, such as the Sageberry, which restores energy. Using spells in combat is very mana intensive, and Sageberries can help restore your mana when it gets low. Additionally, Cleansing Draughts - while note actually food because they don't restore health - can be used as consumables in combat as well, to avoid harmful status afflictions.

In preparing for battle, many players like to eat some of the more advanced recipes in order to bolster their stats just before combat.

List of Food ItemsEdit

Berry FoodsEdit

Berry foods can be foraged from the forest, and require no combat or preparation (with the exception of Cleansing Draught). While plentiful, they have limited effects on hunger, and are generally more useful as ingredients in more advanced recipes.

Info berries
Icon berries

Info sageberry
Icon sageberry

Cleansing Draught
Cleansing Draught box

Raw MeatsEdit

Raw foods restore very little hunger and life. It is almost never worth it to consume raw food, as they are barely worth the food cooldown incurred when consumed. Raw meats should always be cooked into better dishes.

Info rawlamb

Info rawwolfmeat
Info rawpheasant

Cooked FoodsEdit

See main article: Cooking

Cooked foods restore a very high amount of life and hunger, and can also provide benefits to stats. Generally, players should keep several pieces of cooked food with them at all times, so they can restore a high amount of life and hunger with each cooldown.


Wolf Steak

Roasted Pheasant with Berry Sauce
Spiced Lamb
Grilled Wolf

Beer-Braised Pheasant

Info smokedlambsirloin

(Quest Reward)