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Cooking is an essential part of Kobold Tribes. While some types of food can be acquired from the wild and consumed without any preparation, the vast majority of quality foods are obtained through cooking. These food types will sometimes offer passive benefits for a time, and restore more life and health. However, more advanced recipes require several ingredients.

All cooking recipes require a nearby campfire .

List of RecipesEdit

Players begin each match with the ability to cook 3 different recipes, but obtain more recipes during the course of the game, either through increasing their kobolds' skill  in cooking, or completing quests

Roasted LambEdit

Icon roastedlamb

Wolf SteakEdit

Wolf Steak
Wolf Steak box

Roasted Pheasant with Berry SauceEdit

Roasted Pheasant with Berry Sauce
Roasted Pheasant with Berry Sauce box

Spiced Lamb FeastEdit

Spiced Lamb
Spiced Lamb box

Grilled WolfEdit

Grilled Wolf
Grilled Wolf box

Beer Braised PheasantEdit

Beer-Braised Pheasant
Beer-Braised Pheasant box

Cleansing DraughtEdit

Cleansing Draught
Cleansing Draught box

Smoked Lamb SirloinEdit

(Quest Reward)

Info smokedlambsirloin
Icon smokedlambsirloin