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Kobolds huddle around a campfire for warmth.

A campfire requires 1 wood and 1 lumber to construct. 

Campfires provide many basic functions to a kobold tribe, and are one of the first buildings to be constructed in any game. A campfire is a common building, allowing all members of the controlling tribe to use its functions. Passive abilities of the campfire include:

  • Provide light during the nighttime, scaring away wild animals.
  • Allow players to cook food over the fire
  • During nighttime and periods of extreme cold, the fire provides warmth to nearby players

In addition to its passive functions, there are several abilities a player can take advantage of to utilize the campfire they have constructed.


Light CampfireEdit

Icon lightcampfire
Info lightcampfire


Light TorchEdit

Info lighttorch
Icon lighttorch

Douse FireEdit

Icon dousefire
Info dousefire

Tips and TricksEdit

Douse your campfire just before dawn when you are in forward position. The enemy tribe can spot your smoke from afar, and you never know when they might have a talented forager on lookout.