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Pic bearfight

A kobold fights with a wild bear

There are many wild animals in the kobold forest, and having a knowledge of the local wildlife is essential to survival.

Animals are the source of many resources that are important in the contruction of weapons, armor, and even some buildings. The player should know which animals provide the various items, so that he can hunt quickly and efficiently for the desired resources.

Animals can be used for a number of purposes; in addition to dropping resources and food when killed, animals can be tamed and used as pets in battle once the player has acquired a Hunter's Lodge .

Some animals are passive and will never attack the player.

Types of AnimalsEdit


Commonly seen neutral animal. It will fight you if you attack it, and it drops 0-1 leather and one raw wolf meat every time you hunt one. Is afraid of fire and will run away from any source. (needs confirming)


Seen everywhere at night and will attack you on sight. Is stronger than a normal wolf in every way and always drops one meat when killed, but drops 1 leather less than normal wolves. The Direwolf runs very fast, but is afraid of fire and will run away from any source.


Possibly the most rare animal is the Bear. The Bear is bigger and stronger than a dire wolf and will attack you on sight, but slower. It has more health and dammage and drops one bear pelt upon death. Bear pelts can be either used to make two leather, or crafted into a double layer jacket.

White BearEdit

Also possibly the most rare animal is the White Bear. This one appears semi-commenly durring the winter event and is very dangerous to fight alone due to the extremely cold weather and even higer health and dammage than a normal bear. If you hope to fight one, then you should either have a high foraging stat because of the bonus dammage to animals and/or decent equipment. When killed it drops one bear pelt and one White Bear Fang.

Blue JunglefowlEdit

A passive animal that is seen walking around in the forest is the Blue Junglefowl. When attacked it runs away, but can easily be chased or killed in one hit. When killed it drops one Raw Pheasant.


Easily the most common animal in the Forest is the Sheep. They are seen about as commonly as the wolf and can be made by the player to in a farm. When this Passive animal is killed it will always drop 1 raw lamb meat, but also drop 0-1 wool. They are the only source of wool in the Forest.

Tips and TricksEdit